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i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards

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My dad would tell me that when we were little and people would say to him “wow, four daughters, that’s a lot of weddings to pay for” (because traditionally the bride’s family would pay for the wedding), my dad would respond with “well, we’re hoping at least one of them will be gay so we can split the cost with the other bride’s family”
He said people never knew how to respond

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I’m so fucking tired of feeling afraid of these little shits, I’m so tired of having to clean up my YouTube comments when they decide to go on a rampage, I’m so tired of them getting away with using fear as a tactic just because they have the level up on making themselves more anonymous than anyone else, I’m so tired of watching them attack my friends and people I don’t even know, I’m so tired of people saying “it’s just the internet” or “don’t provoke 4chan/reddit”, and I’m having none of it. This breeding ground for vitriol and misogyny is not going to get away with making me feel like I don’t have a right to use the internet and it’s sure as shit not going to scare me.

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boys cry
girls masturbate
boys can like pink and not be gay
girls can have short hair and not be a lesbian
boys can like ballet
girls can like video games
boys can be hot without a six pack
girls can be hot without a hairless body
boys can have hair down to their waists
girls can have stretch marks, curves and back fat

gender doesn’t determine what you can and cannot enjoy, what you can and cannot look like or what you can and cannot do

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